Landlord Investor Network is a community that provides education, industry trends and networking opportunities for investors. We strive to bring landlords together to discuss industry issues, tenancy laws, and best practices.

Our purpose is to build a network that landlords can turn to for guidance, advice, and furthering their investment goals.

Wholesaling Investor Network is a community that provides opportunities to learn the in's-and-out's of real estate from seasoned real estate investors. It's not easy being a wholesaler and learning the core fundamentals of the business is crucial for success.

Our mission is to cultivate a higher level of professionalism in the real estate wholesaling industry by offering education, guidance, and more...

BUY OR BYE is the question on every investors mind. Come to the INVESTOR DEALS office to get a second opinion on all of your deals.

We will be going over deals and breaking them down to determine value, comps, repairs, and ultimately if it's a deal you should BUY or say BYE too.


Time: 6pm - 8pm

Date: Second Monday of every month

Where: 8330 LBJ Fwy, Suite 610 Dallas, TX 75243 - *We are located on the 6th floor of the building

Bring your deal and present it to the group. The group will decide if it is a deal or not a deal. 

Must bring: 

  1. Location of property – address if you only want to share 
  2. Property condition – details of what it is currently like 
  3. Property repairs needed – details of what needs to be done 
  4. Current bids - repair costs if you have them
  5. ARV - After Repaired Value
  6. Comps for sales price 
  7. Comps for rental income 
  8. Taxes assessed - current years taxes
  9. Insurance - annual cost of insurance
  10. Time Frame - when does the deal need to close
  11. Lending Qualifications - Cash, conventional, etc.
  12. Carrying cost - HOA, electric, gas, lending, taxes, insurance, etc.
  13. Closing cost to sell - title policy, title fees, etc
  14. Potential Profit - what can an investor make on the deal


Please bring this information and pictures if you can. If you can get to us a few days before the meeting so we can have on the screen for everyone to look at during your presentation. 


Come learn about Wholesaling properties from the Queen of Deals. Cathy will be sharing 38 years of knowledge and expertise on wholesaling properties. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn all you can about wholesaling and earning money in real estate.

Cathy will cover:

  • How to find properties
  • How to locate the owners
  • What to say when you find them
  • How to evaluate properties to see if it is a deal
  • Who is looking for property and how to sell to them
  • How to organize your flipping business & MUCH MORE!!!!

In Cathy Crowe's Contract Class you will learn how to effectively fill out a TREC CONTRACT, ADDENDUMS, and ASSIGNMENTS for purchasing properties. When you leave this event, you will understand the Texas Real Estate Purchase Contract well enough to write an offer and explain it to a prospect!

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how to present the TREC contract to both the seller and the buyer!
  • Understand the basic addendums and how and when to use them!
  • Study the details of an assignment of contract and learn how to properly execute one!


LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE - only enough space for 20 people! Reserve now so you don't miss out!


This class is a work along with instructions. Each student will have a contract to fill out as we go through it.

Foreclosures happen in all types of markets and for many different reasons. Texas has a very unique system of processing foreclosures. Every investor needs to have the knowledge of how the foreclosure process works in case they come across a deal that is facing foreclosure.

Our class will cover:


  • The foreclosure process
  • Purchasing the reports on the net
  • How to read these reports
  • How to use these reports
  • Working with the homeowner
  • Purchasing at the sale
  • Exit strategies including eviction
  • Terminology
  • Marketing to find the deals
  • Forbearance
  • Purchasing directly from banks

Every county in Texas sells property with tax liens at unbelievable prices!

Texas Tax Lien investing is one of the most powerful real estate investment strategies you can have in your investor tool belt. Smart Real Estate investors that are seeking to accumulate wealth should use Texas Tax Liens as one of their hub systems.

If you have the proper knowledge, data, research abilities and guidance you will be prepared for far less risk. Investing in properties with tax liens or buying them at auction can prove to bring long term returns that will exceed your expectations.


Our Texas Tax Sale Class will cover:

  • Immediate guaranteed profits of at least 25-50% on your money
  • Understand the Texas tax code 
  • Rights of redemption and what you can do during your holding period
  • Where the best deals are
  • Where and how to research and analyze deals to identify hidden opportunities 
  • How to Identify which liens are removed at auction and which survive the auction
  • Acquire pre-auction certification & prepare for the auction


 We will be going over the following topics


  • Inspecting the property and determining the cost.
  • Check list for the whole process along the way.
  • Contractors and how to work with them.
  • Identifying necessary repairs.
  • Keeping Records.
  • Week by week - what to do.
  • Money making repairs.
  • Budget worksheet.
  • Formulas and measurements.
  • Rehab terms and vocabulary.
  • And much...


After this class you will feel confident in going out and doing a rehab project!!!!